China Shanxi aluminum four family background of central enterprises enterprises by environmental gro

China Shanxi aluminum four family background of central enterprises enterprises by environmental groups sued — Environmental Protection — original title: China Shanxi aluminum four central enterprises have been corporate environmental groups sued mapping / Gao Yue newspaper Beijing news reporter Qie Jianrong September 7th environmental organization friends of nature official today to the "Legal Daily" reporters. They filed sued the Shanxi Aluminum Company Limited investment (hereinafter referred to as the CLP Shanxi aluminum) environmental pollution liability dispute case recently from Shanxi Province, Xinzhou City Intermediate People’s court. It is reported that China Shanxi Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise with the background of central enterprises. Reporters learned that, coupled with this business, recently, the natural friends have been directed against the background of the central enterprises 4 companies filed environmental public interest litigation, which has been accepted by the relevant court from 3. According to friends of nature, the person in charge, they sued the CPI Shanxi aluminum industry, the reason is that the millions of tons of alumina project supporting the red mud pond open storage has been nearly 3 years, strong corrosive residue which endanger the local ecological environment and the national key cultural relics protection units form temple security. The official also revealed that in this public interest litigation, environmental resources law research and service center of China University of Political Science and Law as a case to support the unit involved in the prosecution. Public data shows, China Shanxi aluminum industry was founded in October 2002 by the CLP International Mining Investment Company Limited (accounting for 96.54%) and Shanxi economic construction investment company (accounting for 3.46%) share ownership management. At the end of March 2013, total assets of 13 billion 206 million yuan, 2060 employees. For the CLP International Mining Investment Co. Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Power Investment Corp, founded in September 2009, headquartered in Beijing. Currently has an annual output of 2 million 600 thousand tons of alumina and aluminum electrolytic aluminum enterprises in China, the total assets of $13 billion 800 million, the total number of employees more than 2400 people in. Obviously, this is a background of the central enterprises. Friends of nature, the responsible person told the "Legal Daily" reporter, China Shanxi aluminum built 1 million tons of alumina project in red mud pond is located between Shanxi city of Yuanping province Zhongyang Xiang Feng Cun and Lian Jia Gang, "the red mud is the waste residue discharged from the production of alumina plant, containing a large amount of alkali material, strong corrosive, can cause of groundwater pollution, soil pollution, harm to human." The responsible person said, China Shanxi red mud Library covers an area of 1 million 200 thousand square meters, a total capacity of 13 million cubic meters, in September 2013 to stop using, has not been required to seal a closed base, wind exists serious dust pollution, a great impact on the atmosphere, soil and surrounding the health of the population. It is worth noting that the friends of nature from the investigation confirmed that the red mud pond only about 1 kilometers, is the national cultural relics protection units, Ji Hui temple, which was built during the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties Jinyuan reconstruction, frequent repairs, as China traditional wooden structure. The responsible person told reporters that the CPI Shanxi aluminum corrosive or accelerated aging of red mud Ji Hui temple. )相关的主题文章:

Air release vehicle digital products center, opened the next scene – intelligent travel technology S wharfedale

Air release vehicle digital products center, opened intelligent travel the next scene – although in the rapid development of science and technology science and technology Sohu, but some local progress slowly. For example, long-distance bus travel field, it belongs to the slow progress of the field of science and technology, since the bus can be put on the long-distance bus, for many years there has been no major change and progress. And this situation will be broken, the air group to bring intelligent vehicle terminal own, began opening intelligent travel in the future. The huge travel market to be developed Chinese is very keen to travel, we love to go around, the most typical is the largest annual feast – Spring Festival transportation. In 2015, China’s total passenger traffic reached 22 billion 300 million times, railway passengers more than 2 billion 500 million times, while more than 19 billion 400 million bus passengers, more than ten times the total population of china. Almost every Chinese people travel 15 times a year on average. Therefore, long-distance travel is a very large area of the market, the coverage is very broad, many of whom are high-quality crowd. Behind the huge number of travel, contact time consumption, each travel time is in hours, then travel there are thousands of billions of hours of consumption on the road, this is very alarming. After all, Focus Media just rely on the white-collar workers in the elevator five minutes before the creation of billions of dollars a year, then this billion hours of time, and how much commercial value? Passenger travel time needs to be effectively utilized, technology upgrades will be the best solution to this pain point. For example, the management of vehicles, including the avoidance of traffic congestion, vehicle real-time positioning, car management, passenger identification, hacker control and other aspects, there is a need to improve the place. Therefore, the realization of the technical upgrading of the field of travel is the trend, but to see who can do it better. The United States Air Vehicle Digital Center is the largest China air travel WiFi operators and content providers, has been providing various content for travel industry, advertising and other services, has deep industry, familiar with the travel industry in all aspects. The air launched products is intelligent vehicle center for vehicle users. The basic realization of the center of the entire vehicle intelligent upgrade, which has a wealth of powerful features, people seem to see the future of high-tech transportation. Compared with the new vehicle digital center offers only WiFi of the first generation of the original digital vehicle center, using the low-power 24 nanometer Broadcom CPU top, Apple’s high-end products dedicated Broadcom high-speed Wi-Fi chip, dual pass 4G module access to the entire network, high power fully integrated to the whole antenna, can support up to 96 users concurrent network at the same time, 48 users simultaneously access the local resources to provide video content. This means that the same car can support 96 network access, there are 48 people can also quickly to watch local, so that passengers did not have to put what film at each other’s throats. The basic realization of the plane on the video on demand service level, but also access to the internet. In addition to providing services to passengers, the intelligent vehicle center can also be.相关的主题文章:

Also fear of being shot 1 minutes to teach you to avoid the wrong should not buy – Sohu car matlab 等高线?

Also fear of being shot? 1 minutes to teach you to avoid the "wrong" to buy Sohu automobile Sohu auto high beam [] over the years, the amount of vehicle is becoming more and more, there is a variety of road traffic violations "blowout" growth. The breakdown of these behaviors cause, partly because the drivers of traffic regulations to reinforce the cognition, on the other hand does not rule out a small number of drivers is still luck, because of the evil of the tragedy caused by a rush into danger every year beyond count. In view of this situation, the relevant departments will not be slack, by monitoring the prowl, make people shiver all over though not cold. However, "justice has long arms on the really apply here? Today you put a big beam, teach you to avoid those reasonable shouldn’t buy "the wrong one". As to how to avoid the wrong single? First, it must be on the cross we have a clear understanding on the way to the top of the great spirit, the so-called "enemy we can". So, what are the types of these God, what is the working principle of them? Here we will briefly explain. Platinum CP (radar + camera) if you talk about the most sense probe CP partner, that of non radar and camera partner, this can be called a "double insurance" (of course, this is not our Olympic "legend" double insurance). When it comes to work, it will be the first to send a radar wave from the radar, and the radar will be able to recognize the passing vehicles Followed by the camera to take pictures, to escape the discernment, ha ha… This kind of camera range, which can monitor and control speeding, running red lights, the line and the line violation, in it you should be careful. The platoon platoon in the camera camera intersection appears more often there will be a little out of the pole, with a pole with a row of unexpectedly dense camera, whenever I see this are conscious of a tight, sometimes feel infiltration than the traffic police (intensive phobia off). As for how this probe to seize your violation? It is mainly to capture your speeding behavior, now a lot of friends in front of the camera by consciously slow down, opened in the past after the wait on the lift speed, is actually not necessary, you really worry a little bit? Now many of the camera is the tail of the vehicle. But if you’re feeling a little bit too fast, you don’t have to worry about it. You can have an error rate of 10% per hour on your watch, and the speed limit of two is still within the range allowed. 360 degree panoramic camera the camera has obvious characteristics, seemingly a chubby little black (a bit like to install a small classroom that guy). But you must not be deceived by its gentle appearance, it launched a fire to us who can not eat. This camera seems to be relatively low-key, but it can have a fatal kill, that is, big zoom". It is said to be able to achieve the object close to 1000 meters away from the car, so in the process of driving do not hold the chance to take a seat, playing mobile phones, smoking and other acts, in相关的主题文章:

Lin Yun stands 169 How much shorter and stronger than Bing Bing 168 (video) mine_清翼

Lin Yun stands 169? How Bing Bing looks shorter than 168 stronger in September 1st, directed by Guo Jingming’s film "grand track" held a press conference, Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Yan Yikuan, Wang Yuan, Lin Yun, Wang Duo and other actors are present. The bomb copper looked at Fan Bingbing and Amber Kuo’s sister or real happy, Wuli Bing Bing and Amber Kuo are still the Meicheng painting, or the weird little elf, cute. COSMO open Guo Jingming, grand track legend Amber Kuo, Lin Yun, Aarif Lee Bing Bing just get rid of all kinds of complicated modification of redundant, simple atmospheric modeling can easily face blood beauty. Bart…… When the spring elder sister to see Bing Bing and Lin Yun in the same box could not help but embarrassed, say the fresh flowers standing next to Bing Bing was always so what other points back in the face completely abound, let play the sister think before small fresh "street", have to say or to send a big block. Fan Bingbing in Alberta Ferretti Resort2017 Louis Vuitton, collocation of high-heeled shoes, Shuaixia donkey hoof, choose collocation skirt and heels of the same color, there is no beauty turned! Lin Yun in Temperley London Pre-Fall 2016, originally wanted to complain that skirt is not beautiful sister play see the model graph skirt or beauty, but allow a forest buyers show, no right arm embarrassment directly seemed to her broad shouldered, skirt exposed leg catch shoes, feeling unusually short legs. But two people this visually at least three cm height difference is the sister let play the most embarrassing. As a data party, carefully read the official given height, Fan Bingbing 168. Lin Yun preferred 169, not high heels difference of two people, the magic of this height difference and Lin Yun expansion of abnormal height, playing the sister can only say love can only be sensed.相关的主题文章:

A tank next to the British Army impregnable 14 rockets no casualties – Sohu Military Channel jiqingwuyuetian

A tank next to the British Army impregnable 14 rockets no casualties – Sohu Military Channel for the Challenger 2 tank patrol mission in iraq. Recently, the network out of a group of the British Army Armored test and development "Challenger 2 tanks supporting the MCS (mobile camouflage system) test car draped in disguise (codenamed" Megatron "), again the Challenger 2 main battle tanks into the classic army fans view. "Challenger" 2 by veteran British ground weapons manufacturers, Alves? Vickers company (now part of BAE Ground Weapons Division) at the beginning of 1990s based on the Challenger 1 tanks and improved, has put into service in 1998. Although the production line of the tank was closed in 2009 (with a total output of about 446 units), the improved models are still being introduced. "Pick 2" tank full 13.5 meters long (main gun forward), the full width of 3.5 meters, 2.49 meters high, combat weight 62.5 tons, with 4 man crew. "Pick 2" tank of the main weapon for a diameter of 55 times the diameter of the L30A1 mm tank gun (equipped with ammunition, 49). The gun by BAE systems division of Royal ordnance manufacturing, using electric furnace slag refining steel, which has a maximum range of L23 emission fin stabilized projectile shell is more than 1500 meters, also can launch L26 depleted uranium penetrator. During the Iraq war in 2003, "pick 2" tanks had the guns destroyed over a T-55 Iraqi tanks, but is not a loss. Able to face the enemy tanks can be returned to the body, in addition to relying on powerful tank guns, "pick 2" and "Chobham" composite armor this unique advantage. Chobham from the Department of defense Armored Vehicle Engineering Bureau is located in Chobham town in 1976 R & D, material made of high strength steel, armor plate, nylon mesh Aluminum Alloy fiber and ceramic material, which can effectively resist the explosive projectile and projectile hits, specific technical details are still open. According to the British BBC News reported on April 2003, in March of that year’s siege of Basra, a British "pick 2" tanks have been 14 RPG rockets from a close shot, and finally got a "Milan" anti tank missile, but the internal crew was safe and sound damaged tanks was towed to the rear of the emergency repair, used only 6 hours back into combat, really amazing. Although the heavy armor protection, but in the face of the Challenger 2 tandem warhead equipped with the latest generation of anti tank will be inadequate, in order to reduce the "was found that destroyed this threat, need the help of a new technology, the recently published by the Swedish company developed the MCS camouflage and its main function is to provide a lightweight camouflage ability for the tanks, for anti tank equipment commonly used in visible light, infrared and radar detection method for interference. The MCS can blur the original shape of the tank, destroy the shape of the target, and can be used to measure the accuracy of the laser ranging. The fact that the MCS is not the only one of the 2 tanks.相关的主题文章: